Dana Karić – Our Secret Place


Dana has a background in classical music. She is a trained classical pianist, winning many awards and competitions, and playing many concerts in her youth. She was a member of the pop duo D’n’D with which she recorded three studio albums and won prestigious awards in Serbia. She recorded her first solo album in 2010. She has always been interested in the behind the scenes of music and so she produced and wrote this entire album. In 2013/2014 she recorded a double disk jazz album, featuring two songs of her own, ‘My One and Only’ and ‘Til I looked into your eyes’.

Dana, on music: “Music is like breath: a necessity. I could not imagine life without it. It transports us, it heals us and it can shatter our very core. Power full. I grew up hungry for music… I listened to such a variety it’s rather funny to think of it! From Yma Sumac to the Rolling Stones, Beatles, to foreign music, jazz, blues, classical, punk and rock, heavy metal… everything I could get my hands on! Every piece has its’ part in my heart and every genre has etched itself into my music soul. Music helps me discover, explore, heal and share my love with the world. I am so blessed to have it in my life. I create music from pure necessity. When I feel there is something inside of me that needs to be expressed… I open the gates and I let the music flow out of me… A wonderful experience… Divine.”

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